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Ongoing Classes

Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory

or call 202.232.0714 and speak to the Education Department.

Voice 1 (Year Round)

Provides basic techniques for vocal preparation and performance. Develop projection, vocal quality, range, energy, and expressiveness through relaxation exercises and basic physical work.

Standard Stage Speech (Fall Only)
Provides tools and strategies for speakers with regional dialects or foreign accents. Learn basic and advanced tools for accent modification and dialect acquisition including articulation warm-ups, speech anatomy, and the International Phoentic Alphabet. Apply to text using the General American Dialect.

Dialects (Spring Only)
Introduces actors to the fundamentals of mastering any accent or dialect. Build listening and imitation skills in the acquisition of up to four dialects for the stage. Utilizes articulation warm-ups, online dialect resources, and basic phonetics to perform authentically and intelligibly in dialect. For beginners and advanced students.

Executive Public Speaking Workshop (Occasional Offerings)
Expand vocal potential through relaxation and self-awareness techniques. Strengthen presentation skills, vocal variety, and audibility. Address individual vocal challenges and develop strategies for coping with stage fright. Tailored for the business professional.

Actor's Center

Eurotrip Dialect Series 
This workshop leads participants through a three stop tour of Europe's most fascinating and useful dialects.   Students will learn to apply proven techniques to the acquisition of the British, Irish and Russian dialects.  Focus is placed on preparing speakers to use these dialects in a performance context and is sensitive to issues of cultural appropriation, authenticity, and intelligibility.  Each student will walk away with a resource packet detailing each of the three dialects complete with sound clips and practice phrases to continue developing the dialects beyond the scope of the workshop.   The culmination of each session will give students the opportunity to perform a piece of text (provided by the instructor) in dialect for one-on-one feedback.  Individualized instruction makes this workshop a great fit for experienced performers to intrigued newcomers.  Book a workshop for your group!

Eurotrip Dialect Series 2.0
Similar in style and content to the original Eurotrip Dialect Series (above) but covers French, Italian, and German accents.  

Regional American 
A followup to the hugely successful, Eurotrip Dialect Series.  Participants are led through the most frequently requested American dialects for the stage. Students learn to apply proven techniques to the acquisition of the New York (Bronx), Boston and Texas dialects. Zach will help you find your Texan roots and answer the all important question: What's the difference between the Boston and New York dialects? Book a workshop for your group!


Catherine Fitzmaurice
Catherine Fitzmaurice's website offers more in-depth information about Fitzmaurice Voicework® as well as a directory of all the certified coaches in the US and abroad. 

Melissa Grogan

Melissa introduced Zach to the Fitzmaurice Voicework technique during his undergraduate studies at Texas State University.  Melissa now runs her own voice, speech, dialect, and healing business in Austin, TX called Austin Vocal Empowerment.

Janet Rodgers

Zach studied voice and speech pedagogy under the mentorship and guidance of Janet Rodgers during graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Seema Sueko

Seema is a theatre director and arts leader currently serving as the Deputy Artistic Director of Arena Stage.   Zach and Seema have collaborated on a number of theatre productions including The Right to Be Forgotten  (2019), The Price (2017), and Smart People (2017).

​Lynn Watson
Lynn Watson is a master teacher who teaches at UMBC in Baltimore, MD.  She is a master Fitzmaurice Voicework® teacher and a prolific voice and speech coach in the Washington DC-Baltimore, MD area.  

Amy Chaffee

Amy Chaffee is a voice, speech, and dialect coach based in LA.  She works with primarily film/television talent and is a gifted creative artist herself. 

Brianne Taylor

Brianne Taylor is a performer and voice, speech, and dialect coach  in the DC area.  Zach  has co-taught  and worked with Brianne  on various projects. 

Learning Resources

Knight-Thompson Speechwork
This site has the latest information about the speechwork pioneered by Dudley Knight and Phil Thompson.  It gives a lot of great information about the work that Zach uses and teaches.  

The International Dialects of English Archive and the interactive International Phonetic Alphabet charts are a fantastic resource for actors looking to acquire dialects or a refresher on the sounds and symbols of the IPA.  These are made available through the efforts of Paul Meier and many other contributors. 

Professional Organizations

The Fitzmaurice Institute

Zach trained with Catherine Fitzmaurice and certified as an Assistant Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework in 2013.

Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA)


Arena Stage

Olney Theatre Center

Studio Theatre

Ford's Theatre

Roundhouse Theatre

Signature Theatre

Everyman Theatre

1st Stage-Tysons

Quotidian Theatre